Teach the Teacher is a student-led campaign pushing for climate education for all.

In the UK, climate change is not a mandatory part of the curriculum for students. As young people, climate change is something we’re seeing happen today that will only get worse throughout our lifetimes. If we want to have the skills and knowledge to tackle it, we need to act now!

We’re looking to have climate change put into the curriculum across all subjects, showing students the different ways it will impact them and that the different ways they can make a difference, whatever their interests are.

To do this, Teach the Teacher trains groups of young people in schools to give their teachers lessons on climate change and what it’s like being a young person during the climate emergency. These lessons give students the skills to talk about climate and advocate for themselves, and shows teachers how they can take action in their teaching too. After the lessons, we’ve got a range of resources to support teachers in making that positive change too!

If you’re a student interested in bringing Teach the Teacher to your school, register your interest with us now and we’ll be in touch to work set everything up.

If you’re the parent or guardian of a student and you’re interested in this opportunity, you can support your student to take part or use our resources to promote Teach the Teacher to their school.

And if you’re a teacher, please feel free to promote Teach the Teacher to students you think would benefit from taking part, and check out our resources page for the rest!

For any questions or more information, please email hello@teachtheteacher.uk.

Project Coordinators

Django Perks

Django is a passionate young person who has been representing young people and ensuring their voices are heard for over 2 years. He is passionate about ensuring that people are educated about climate change and its impacts and how people can reduce their impact on the planet. Currently, Django is working on the Teach the Teacher Campaign as a campaign coordinator. Outside of work, Django likes to play the piano and read.

Jodie Bailey-Ho

Jodie Bailey-Ho is a 19-year-old undergraduate environmental science student at the University of Manchester, and one of the co-founders of Teach the Teacher. Her lobbying for climate and sustainability education began in 2019, and since then she has been involved with a number of SOS-UK projects (including Teach the Future and Mock COP) as well as being awarded the Jack Petchey Environmental Award and named one of CIWEM’s ‘Climate Sheroes’. She hopes that young people will feel empowered to create a lasting impact through Teach the Teacher, and that the project will inspire them to go into the world believing they can change it for the better.

Niamh Crisp-O'Brien

Niamh is a 16 year old climate activist focused on climate education and sustainability within schools. She is based in South East England and is a member of Youth Parliament representing Surrey. She has been involved in the climate movement since she was 11 years old and she started volunteering for Teach the Future in early 2021. Currently she is working as a Campaign Coordinator for Teach the Teacher as a part of the Green Schools Revolution project. She’s very passionate about this project and is excited to see it grow. She spends her spare time reading, hiking and listening to music and outside of work she is studying for A-Levels in Politics, Geography, French and German.

Ilse Orson-Jones

Ilse joined in February 2023 as one of the coordinators for the Teach the Teacher campaign. She is studying A levels in physics, maths and history at BHASVIC, alongside an EPQ in climate migration. At college, she was elected as an Environmental Officer to the Student Union, and is one of the student coordinators of the Climate Action Society. As part of this, she has worked on promoting the Carbon Literacy Qualification offered at BHASVIC, making the canteen more sustainable, and is part of an ongoing campaign to improve public transport and its affordability in Brighton and Hove. Outside of college and work, Ilse loves drawing, taking walks along the South Downs, and curling up with a book and her cat.

Eddie Rose

Eddie is an 18-year-old activist, particularly interested in child rights and climate justice, and empowering other young people to make a difference. He has been involved in climate campaigns on a national and local level, helping to organise the youth climate conference LCOY 2022 and leading climate protests in his town. He is currently taking a gap year before studying at university and is working with Teach the Teacher before going travelling later in the year. He is an #iwill ambassador and has worked with UNICEF UK and a variety of other organisations in the past. Outside of work, he enjoys writing, reading and swimming in the sea.